Salesforce Implementation, Development and Integration

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MotorHolme - vehicle hire company. 


We created several functions for the assigning of leads. One of them uses a custom filter to search for leads to assign to user. This feature uses a custom filter to search for leads, which supports not only "does not equal" but also "contains - does not contain" and the input of several values separated by commas.

Real time Web Analytics Service gets access to the site and receives data for the previous day. After that, the service filters the data and leaves only the data with the email. The service finds the leads with the same emails and creates for them either updates the tasks and updates the fields to the leader.

A trigger is developed that sends a request to the service. Next, the service returns a link to the form for the electronic signature that should be filled by the user.


Salesforce integration, Apex triggers, Web-to-Lead

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