CRM Solution for Mortgage Companies

Create mortgage application in Salesforce and submit it to Filogix


"Salesforce to Filogix" was built for mortgage company

“Salesforce to Filogix” Application has to be properly connected to Filogix (Expert) account. Every Application User has to have requires properly set up the record and active Salesforce license. The Application set up and settings should be performed by trained Salesforce Administrator or Consultant.

End User training recommended empowering the Application users with appropriated skills and knowledge to get the most out of Salesforce and “Salesforce to Filogix” Application. Training also increases user adoption and company’s Return on Investment.

“Salesforce to Filogix” Application works only in Standard Salesforce interface and does not yet support Lighting interface. To change Lighting to the Standard interface (To switch from Lightning Experience to Salesforce Classic) simply click on your avatar on the top right-hand side of the screen, and click, "Switch to Salesforce Classic").

In “Salesforce to Filogix” application (Application) you can create five Deal Submission types with following Application Type and Application Purpose:

There are two types of users:

Users in different types have a different number (ways) of Deal Submission creation methods.

For Standard User following methods of Deal Submission creation enabled:

For Power User following methods of Deal Submission creation enabled:

In "Salesforce to Filogix" you can create Property Owned from Account and from Deal Submission

“Mortgage Application Link” web page (WebLink) can be created and activated for your Salesforce to let your website visitors fill out the form a submit information directly to Salesforce.

WebLink’s flow:

Visitor will open WebLink form, fill out and submit it
Deal Submission record (with related records about Applicant(s), his Income, Assets, etc.) will be created in Salesforce and assign to particular Agent (selected in picklist) or to default Deal Submission owner.
The agent will review Deal Submission record in Salesforce, correct/add details and submit it to Filogix.


1) The part of Deal Submission Layout

2) Creation new Deal Submission from Account