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Redesign the Salesforce user interface



We need to take care of usability, the least loading time, check standard fields. This is particularly true for developing visualforce pages for Salesforce1 mobile as well as in Lightning Experience. We can’t use lookup fields, picklist fields with visualforce tags as it does with classic UI.

With all these limitations, we have built several lightweight visualforce pages. These pages replace the standard new and edit ones of records, charts and maps on the detail page which be used in the Salesforce1 mobile app and in Lightning Experience.


The Lightning Component Framework is a modern user interface framework for developing dynamic web apps for mobile and desktop devices. We can build an interactive app with an innovating user interface, one-page applications, widgets for use in Lightning App Builder, and also for Salesforce1. We have built Lightning components for one-page application to manage events, for a week calendar for logged in User, etc. which can be used in Lightning Builder.


There are the collections of various patterns, components for creating VF pages for Lightning Experience. We have applied all these elements as well as Lightning components. Below there are some advantages of using this system:

We help ISVs to create apps initially on Salesforce platform and offer that app through AppExchange / Component of the Exchange market. We have built Lightning ready Apps which will work in Lightning Experience and offer more convenient working conditions with other Lightning Pages.

We have also used Lightning App Builder to make custom app pages for Salesforce1. With the Lightning App Builder, we have combined different components into one app home page.

And we have great references from our happy clients!

  • We brought WebSolo team on board to take our Salesforce to a whole other level. We were already pretty advanced users, so we needed someone who not only knew the platform inside out, but also could help us implement some of the crazy ideas we had. It was 100% the right choice: WebSolo consultant got up to speed quickly, worked through some difficult problems creatively, and continues to help us push the boundaries of what's possible on Salesforce. Highly recommended.
    Sebastien Douville VP, Transaction Advisory Services FirePower Capital Corporation
  • "We engaged WebSolo for SFDC project required advanced knowledge about SFDC features and customization. Pro active in goals achievement. Doing research and options investigation to provide advise and best solution to meet requirements. Capable of working with limited documentation, excellent communication skills, require minimum supervision."
    Sabih Siddiqui TechBlocks
  • "I would also like to take this opportunity to say that WebSolo has done a wonderful job of supporting us through our Salesforce implementation."
    Sharon Booth Seneca College
  • "We were having some stability and feature challenges with our existing Salesforce set up. We brought WebSolo in to help us rebuild the platform that we had developed, and it has given us a much more solid and stable platform for us to grow upon. WebSolo's consultant and developers brought great ideas and suggestions for this project, and we look forward to working with them again soon!"
    Graham Robins BorderBuddy
  • "This is one of the advantages of having WebSolo responsible for the development, they always had multiple options and identified the risks of each option. Communicate these clearly every time a request was submitted and this made the decision to adopt Salesforce nationally across Canada."
    Terry Chebaro Rogers Communications
  • "WebSolo were able to rapidly respond to our complex requirement, helping us add some extremely useful functionality to BMC Remedyforce that sits in our Salesforce instance. I'd highly recommend WebSolo to any Salesforce users that want to get more power out of their instance!"
    Harry Manley RetailNext, Inc.

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